This blog contains many articles of interest to parents of mixed race children. This page links to articles which you may find of particular interest.

Mixed race relationship advice and support for mixed families, mixed race children and people in interracial relationships.
The world of hair care can be very confusing especially if your child is mixed and you and your partner have very different hair types.

Mixed Parenting
Parenting tips, guidance and advice on the development of your child's self identity. Here we will share our experiences working with mixed-race children and young people from up and down the country.

Mixed Race and Shadeism
Maurice McLeod, director of Marmoset Media is an established journalist interested in society and ways to make it fairer for all. Marmoset Media aims to change the world with compelling content. I recently came across this article which he wrote about mixed race and shadeism

Lone Mothers of Children from Mixed Racial and Ethnic Backgrounds: A Case Study
Dr Chamion Caballero, Families & Social Capital Research Group, London South Bank University, in collaboration with Single Parent Action Network (SPAN)  January 2010

To date, little research has focused on the everyday lives of lone mothers of mixed racial and ethnic children, particularly the ways in which they raise their children to have a sense of identity and belonging and what challenges or support they encounter in doing so. To gain insights into their experiences, this case study conducted in-depth interviews with 10 lone mothers living in Bristol.

White Mothers of Mixed Race Children
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