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The world of hair care can be very confusing especially if your child is mixed and you and your partner have very different hair types. Typically this occurs when one of the parents has African genes. Hair can range from thick tight curls to fine wavy hair. Difficulties arise when the hair type is very different from your own and you therefore need to learn how to manage a hair type that is new to you. Well don’t despair, with a little patience, the right hair products and some know how, you will be just fine.

Firstly, you have to realise that no one child’s hair is the same. Indeed, just to make things more difficult, all the children in the same family do not necessarily have the same hair texture. Mixed African hair comes in all different strand thicknesses and can be anything in the range from wavy loose curls to tight afro. Some hair types are fine whilst, others are coarse. Whatever the type, if it is not very similar to your own, you will need to try out different products and work out the best regime and hair care routine for you and your child.

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I am compiling a Directory of Mixed Race Hairdressers in the UK.  If you know a great hairdresser who is competent in styling the mixed range of hair types, please forward details to me

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  1. Great article. Will you also be compiling a list of products for mixed race hair? I find that Dominican hair products like Silicon Mix work wonders on my children's dry frizzy hair. Can anyone suggest any Brazilian hair products to try?