Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Colour of Hope

Marcus Roberts is an  actor who is based in London. This is how he feels about growing mixed race.

Being mixed race can be both a blessing and a curse. Growing up, I never felt that I had one cultural identity. Most people are from either one race or another. White people never question their whiteness or black people their blackness. But as a young mixed race person you don't know whether your more white or black and to which race you truly belong. White people would classify you as black and black people would see you as light skin, still not one of their own. It's like being caught between two worlds, wondering in the wilderness. 

The unity of our upbringing by parents of different ethnicity is a special thing which gives us empathy and insight into both sides of the coin. Makes us blind to the differences that many others may see, knowing that if one of our parents are black and the other white then there isn't any separation between us and the rest of humanity. We are all one human race at the end of the day, the colour of our skin being just a small variation out of the many that make us interesting. We are really the bridge between two worlds, by our births we merge them into one just by being ourselves.

English people know a lot of their history and celebrate their cultural identity in lots of ways. Having events and gatherings where they do traditional things as a group. The same for Welsh, Irish and Scottish people. Beautiful occasions where their culture joins them together to remember where they come from. Especially those of them that are away from their homeland, these occasions help them to feel a connection to their roots and their ancestry. As a person of mixed race, we don't really have a firm sense of our roots. No yearly celebration exists where we gather as one and celebrate where we come from.

It is especially hard for young mixed race children growing up to find stability and a sense of where they belong. To have that to deal with as well as all the other pressures that all children face is a challenge that makes us as strong as we are. We haven't had others like us before really in the public eye who we could relate to and look up to. We now have shining examples of others of mixed race parentage in the Spotlight who are excelling in all fields. For example Tiger Woods, Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Jessica Ennis. People in Music, Sport, a Olympic Star amd Professional Golfer, a Grammy winner. This is a great thing as our future generations can look up to them as role models for them to aspire to. People that lead a good life and by their example encourages us that we too can aim high and be the best that we can be.

The times are changing and it is becoming more and more common for people to be of mixed parentage. Before when my mum was with my dad in the 1980's they used to get lots of racial abuse for being a interracial couple. People would spit after my mum in the street as she was pushing me in the buggy. And men would try to fight my dad saying he should stay away from their women. Now it is a everyday occurrence for different races to marry, the stigma attached to it is a thing of the past. Soon the world would have more mixed race people than people of one ethnic decent. That is the future, where we are heading with the crossing of borders and unifying of continents. Our time is now, the things that separated us before are no longer holding us back, it's a new world out there, time to step up to the mark and say I'm here, I'm mixed race and proud. I belong to the world and treat everyone as my equal regardless of race. One world, one love, Mixed Race.

Marcus Roberts 
Actor London

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Hair UK

Happy Hair UK's  mission is to make every child with Afro/Mixed (Kinky to Curly) hair feel happy with their hair. To make Afro/Mixed hair manageable using natural products whilst keeping hair care to a high standard. We want to make Black/Mixed children's hair care accessible in all areas of the UK. And if it cannot be accessed to provide tips, advice and support.
We will achieve this by hosting free events to promote and educate people about black/mixed hair care. 

Hair appointments (in your local area/own home) can be booked and paid for on our website. 
Natural hair care products and accessories will be available to purchase on the website. 
The website will provide tips and advice and an agent will be on hand (live) to answer questions/queries. 

The service will target parents, guardians and foster/adoptive parents of black/mixed children who need help to manage their child(ren)'s hair. The service would provide hair cutting, barbering, braiding/cornrow/canerow, braided extensions - all hairstyles except straightening. The cost would typically start from around £20. Our aim is to eventually roll this service out nationwide.  

Please give them feedback on this great idea by taking part in their survey . Follow them on twitter and like them on facebook

Monday, 3 February 2014

Introducing Hy-brd...... Mixed Race Hair and Skin Products

Mixed race hair care can sometimes be a challenge for parents and individuals alike because hair texture can lie anywhere along the spectrum of hair types. Indeed many mixed race people have differing hair types on one head!  I therefore put together this article to support parents.   I was excited to hear that a new company called Hy-brd has been established in London.  The Managing Directors provided the information below about the company and their products.  You may also be interested in an opportunity to earn extra cash as a distributor.

People of mixed heritage are the fastest growing population in the UK. As a result, we are finding an overwhelming need for health and beauty products specifically targeted towards mixed race. Finding the right hair and skincare products can be a challenge, as there is not one direct source you can locate these products too. 

But 2014 sees the introduction of Hy-brd! Hy-brd is a brand, which solely represents people of mixed heritage. Hy-brd has specially formulated a range of cosmetic products that uniquely work on all types of skin and hair textures. We have developed great cosmetic products, such as our specially blended mineral make up, which is formulated for all skin types and tones. We also have a premium rice skin-care range and our Argan Oil hair-care range. Additionally, we have exclusive products for men and children as well.

"Hy-brd continues to provide great products at affordable prices! We are committed to providing and consulting with our Hy-brd customers to ensure that all of our hair and beauty products are meeting our customers’ needs. We look forward to introducing many new products to you this year!" 
 - President of Hy-brd, Dr Climate Irungu

"We at Hy-brd are so proud to be representing a brand, which offers great products to the mixed race community. We believe in providing opportunities to those who enjoy our products and would like to earn an additional income as well. " MD of Hy-brd, Kyla Cadorin 

Hy-brd offer’s customers a fantastic business opportunity to become a Hy-brd Distributor, selling these amazing products! Hy-brd gives you all the tools and resources needed to equip you in making your Hy-brd distributor journey a success! We offer great natural products, tailored to the needs of your skin whether it's normal, combination, dry or sensitive. We have products that nourish and style all mixed hair types whether it be straight, curly or treated hair. Hy-brd products are made with natural ingredients and essential oils that are designed to leave your skin and hair moisturised, hydrated, clean and clear. Hy-brd’s four attractive elements in Hair, Beauty, Skin and Business, set the benchmark of a new wave of products taking over the hair and beauty industry. 

To find out more about Hy-brd range of products and how you can join as one of Hy-brd's successful Distributors, visit us at