Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Disney's Mixed Race Hero

Big Hero 6" is arguably the most ethnically diverse Disney animated movie in the history of animated movies.

It is set in a futuristic metropolis called San Fransokyo (a portmanteau of San Francisco and Tokyo), and where 14-year-old genius robotics expert Hiro Hamada forms a superhero team to combat a masked villain responsible for the death of his older brother.

Hiro and his brother Tadashi are of American and Japanese parentage and what is refreshing is that the characters are played by Ryan Potter (Hiro) who is father is Japanese and mother is White and Daniel Henney (Tadashi) who is of Korean and Irish American parentage. Nice to see mixed-race characters getting parts, especially when it comes to animation as so often characters are voiced by actors who bear no resemblance to the characters they're playing.

The movie has already been released in US, but here in the UK we have to waiting until 30th January 2014. Read more about the movie here

Friday, 21 November 2014

Not So Black and White

By Alexis Wilson

Mixed marriage, abandonment, a mother’s secret, same sex parents, Broadway, the Ballet, and AIDS all make up a multi-colored tapestry of this author’s valiant journey towards a strong and clear passage; leaving the reader uplifted and wanting more.

It is the early 60’s in Europe, when a breathtakingly beautiful interracial couple dance great ballets together and fall passionately in love. She is a Dutch ballerina and he is an African-American international ballet star. They come to America and create a family and a new life. While their daughter Alexis grows up dancing before she can walk, the marriage grows angrily apart. Her father soon becomes one of the few celebrated black choreographers on Broadway, while her mother turns toward a shockingly desperate existence of survival.

At age eleven, Alexis’s world comes crashing. Her mother abandons her and her brother and they are shuttled off to New York City to live with their adoring larger-than-life father, the footlights that beam on the likes of Sammy Davis Jr., Chita Rivera, and the other man in her father’s life.

Find out more about Alexis Wilson and Not So Black and White here 

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Can you Foster a Child ?

Mixed Race children are significantly over represented in the care system and constitute the biggest minority.  You can see from the statistics produced by British Association for Adoption and Fostering that they form 9% of looked after children. See post
TACT (The Adolescent and Children’s Trust) have asked me to post the following advertisement for new foster carers and adoptive parents. Their core work involves providing high quality and well supported fostering or adoptive families for children and young people in the care of local authorities. They working in partnership with local authorities from offices across England, Wales and Scotland, they are dedicated to providing creative, effective and outcome-focused services. They also campaign on behalf of children and young people in care, carers and adoptive families

Across the UK, there is a shortage of fosters carers to look after children and young people who are in need of a loving home. At TACT, we're always looking for people to come forward and take the first step on the road to becoming a foster carer.

People often ask themselves ‘have I got what it takes to be a foster carer’ and ‘how do I become a foster carer‘. It’s true that being a foster carer can be challenging at times, but our carers tell us it’s the most rewarding thing they have ever done. And at TACT, we’re here every step of the way with support, training and a friendly ear whenever you need it.

So, what do you need to make a great foster carer? Let’s find out…
TACT fostering and adoption charity present this infographic on what makes a great foster carer