Friday, 20 September 2013

Tangled Roots

Tangled Roots is an exciting Arts Council funded project which records and celebrates the experiences of multi-racial families in Yorkshire. The project will publish a book featuring the experiences of ordinary mixed families, alongside memoirs from professional writers commissioned by the project. Tangled Roots is looking for contributions from mixed race people and /or their families who live in the Yorkshire area.

Tangled Roots started as a conversation between a group of friends who were all mixed race or bringing up children as part of a multiracial family. They talked about lots of things, including the thoughtless things people say to them when out and about. For example one member of the group who was out shopping with her light-skinned, blue-eyed daughter was asked 'Are you babysitting for the day?' But one mystery alluded them: Why didn't they see families like theirs in the media or read about their experiences in books?

Tangled Roots has commissioned experienced and talented writers (including Seni Seneviratne pictured right) to explore their experience of racial mixture. This project will uncover the stories of those families whose ethnic heritage cut across racial divisions, to reveal compelling narratives which are missed by the common tendency to divide the population into separate racial groups. So Tangled Roots is an answer to this question. It is a project which explores the experiences of people who have grown up in mixed race families in Yorkshire, or are currently part of a multi-racial family.

The project has kicked off with an exhibition of photographs of Tangled Roots featuring local writers who all have experienced growing up in a multi-racial family. The exhibition, with photography by Anthony Farrimond will be displayed at Seven Arts, Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds from 18th September to 13th October 2013.

Check out the The Tangled Roots website for more information about the project and the book which will be published, based on the stories collected on the website. There will also be a series of events in Leeds in 2014 where professional and amateur authors who have contributed to the book will read their work.

If you would like to share your experiences, (there is a payment for the best stories) your inspiration or simply register your interest in the project, please contact

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